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Parmesan Garlic Parsley Crumb 2KG


Elevate your schnitzels to gourmet perfection with our Parmesan Garlic Parsley Crumb. This delectable blend features a creamy sharpness of parmesan cheese, complemented by the aromatic allure of garlic. Adorned with visually appealing flecks of parsley, it adds a touch of elegance to your dishes, creating schnitzels that are irresistibly crispy and bursting with flavour.

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Introducing our flavourful crumb, a versatile ingredient that adds a delicious twist to your favourite dishes. Created to perfection, our crumb is a culinary gem that enhances the taste and texture of your meals.

Easy to apply, just dip your protein in an egg wash before coating it with the crumb directly. This will ensure the crumb will adhere to the meat and stay on during cooking.

For schnitzel and cutlets, coat the meat evenly with the flavoured crumb, ensuring it adheres well to create a crispy and delectable outer layer. Fry or bake to perfection and enjoy the mouthwatering result.

Our flavoured crumb is not limited to meats alone. It can also be used in stuffing mixes, adding an irresistible crunch and a burst of flavour to your stuffing recipes.

Unleash your creativity in the kitchen and experiment with different combinations and dishes. Our premium flavoured crumb will elevate your culinary creations to new heights, leaving your taste buds craving for more. Experience the difference that our flavoured crumb brings to your cooking, and delight in the delightful textures and flavours it adds to every bite.

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Weight 2.000000 kg
Dimensions 8 × 50 × 25 cm